Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Removing Nail again.....OH NO!!!!

On 3 September 2010, My Second experience removing nails again my feet at the right side. Before this I had to do during the year 2008 removing nails at feet to the left. It was painful, I do not want to disconnect because I think it hurts hihihi .. but if I had my nails are not beautiful and not to any damage. After all that unfortunate day, I do not smell soccer shoes my friend continued broken nails and bleeding. At 3 pm me and Mariam went to UiTM health clinic for treatment, after the doctor told me pull out my nails. AGAIN!!! OH NO!!! :))

After that I entered the treatment room, exactly at 4:01 pm on the pull out my nails done. At first my friends want to accompany me during treatment, but she has things that need to be resolved. I have recorded video for viewing my friends ... I do shame too, because my nails do not keep well....HAIYAAA!!!
During the treatment, the Medical Assistant pulled out my nail and assisted by nurses. Thanks to both of you because release my pain...

This video that I want to share with you, sorry it has little bit problem on this video:

To all my friends, moral of the story please take care your nails properly and do not be like me ok!!!

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